Hand Held Back Massagers – Recommended Massagers that Work!

handheld back massagerIf you are suffering from backaches or tired and sore muscles, hand held back massagers may be the answer to fast pain relief. Hand held back massagers are ideal for targeting problem spots on the back. A good hand held back massager can also help relief chronic back pain.

Although the seat type massagers may be ideal for a relaxing overall back rub, hand held back massagers work better for treating chronic pain and trouble areas. Hand held back massagers offer orthopaedic methods of pain relief at the convenience of your own home. With a hand held back massager, you can save on massage parlour expenses while treating your back problems.

Hand held back massagers comes in all shapes and sizes. They are countless brands and types of hand held back massagers available in the market today. One of the ways in which you can tell if a hand held back massager is suitable for you is to try them out for yourself.

A more efficient way is to read user reviews and find out the public’s general response to the product. Reading user reviews provide a vast information on the product and highlights the product’s strength and flaws. If you are shopping online, it will be a safer bet to buy from merchants with a 30 day back guarantee. You can try it and unless you are satisfied with it, you can exchange it with another model.

Types of Hand Held Back Massagers

handheld back massagers

Example of a manual handheld back massager

There are basically two types of hand held back massagers – manual and electrically powered. Manual back massagers are made of wood or plastic and you need to exert force on your own in order for them to massage your back. Electric back massagers are powered by a motor which causes it to vibrate or move in a specific direction, thereby massaging your back without any work on your part.

An example of an excellent manual back massager is the classic Body Back Buddy. It’s a marvelous tool that is ergonomically designed for you to massage every possible part of your back. All you need to do is to position it on the right spot and press!

For electric hand held back massagers, consider getting the awesome Thumper Mini Pro2. It’s a little heavier than the usual handheld back massagers but that’s because this is a very powerful professional grade back massager that ‘thumps’ your back. My body feels like jello after a session and I always get incredibly relaxed and peaceful after using it.

A more light-weight hand held back massager is the multi-purpose Hitachi’s Magic Wand Massager. It has duo motor speeds of 5000 rpm and 6000 rpm and is corded for ultimate performance. Ladies will love this massager for obvious reasons.

Another popular light-weight corded model is Panasonic EV2510K Easy Reach Roller. Panasonic’s Easy Reach Roller boost a flexible head and comes with various vibrating massagers including an acupressure head for versatility.

All of these hand held back massagers are all affordable while providing effective means of delivering fast pain relief. Just be sure to read more back massager reviews to figure out which type of hand held back massager is most suited for you.