Homedics BKK-200 Shiatsu Lumbar Massager Review

I actually came across the Homedics BKK-200 Shiatsu Lumbar Massager almost by accident. I had been suffering from lower back pain and general tension in my back muscles but hadn’t really thought to seek a solution to it. One night I saw this thing being advertised – I can’t remember if it was on TV or the Internet – but all I thought was that it looked like a gimmick. However, when I actually gave it some thought, I decided “what the heck”, may be it was exactly what I needed.

I’ve been using the BKK-200 for a good few months now and I have to say, I’m addicted! It works surprisingly well. I’ve since tried other massage cushions either at friends on in the store, and I have to say, the BKK-200 is definitely superior than most. It’s “state of the art rotating massage mechanism” is exactly that, giving a good Shiatsu style massage. I find it does give as close to an actual massage as possible for a product like this, as opposed to just vibrating. The level of heat is also very effective and soothing. It does wonders. It has a variable intensity that you can control depending on how you feel, but I pretty much always have it on the maximum setting.

It’s also a great size for travelling. Obviously some of the bigger back massages are a lot more effective, but they’re far from portable (not to mention more than 20x the price!)

One thing than would be nice of Homedics to introduce, would simply be a strap that allows you to attach the massage more securely to a chair. Unless you’re actually using it, it does tend to topple over. Other than that, the only downside would have to be the poor instruction manual that comes with it. It really is useless, but with a bit of experimentation you’ll get by.

Here’s an overview of the Homedics BKK-200:


  • Gives more of an actual massage as opposed to just vibrating
  • It’s portable
  • Omits a good amount of heat
  • Great alternative to a full back massager


  • Poor instructional manual
  • Would be nice to have a strap that attaches to the chair

As you can see, for the price, this really is a great product. It’s obviously not perfect, but in my opinion it offers one of the best levels of massages available for a product like this. Far better than any alternative and definitely recommended!

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