iNeed Lumbar Massage Pillow Review

I’d never actually come across the iNeed brand before so didn’t know what to expect from the iNeed Lumbar Massage Pillow. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt though and I have say, I’m glad I did!

The problem with a lot of the massage cushions is that they’re advertised as being able to give effective “massages”, but they do little more than just vibrate. The iNeed, however, gives an impressively deep and effective massage. Frankly, it’s fantastic for such a low price. It’s obviously not as good as the “real thing” but I have to say, it sure is effective.

It has “four dual-rotating massage nodes” that are perfectly positioned to hit just the right spots of my back, and relieve any stiff muscle tension. I mostly use it on my lower back and it works wonders but I’ve also used it on my upper back too. The motors behind the nodes are strong enough to give a deep massage but they’re nice and quiet. I did find the nodes a little too hard on the back of my neck which is obviously a sensitive area, but I just placed a towel in between the unit and my skin. I think this is more designed for your back muscles, especially lower back, of which it works perfectly.

One thing I especially like about the iNeed are the straps that allow you to attach it to a chair. I’ve found with a few similar models, while they may work well, unless you’re leaning against them they usually topple over or are hard to keep in place. On top of that, the other thing I like about this model is that it’s great for travelling. It’s a convenient size and you even get a free travel case!

Here’s an overview of the iNeed:


  • Perfectly positioned massage nodes
  • Portable – comes with a free carrying case!
  • Adjustable strap for keeping it in place
  • Very quiet but gives a strong massage


  • Almost too strong a massage for sensitive areas

As you can see, it’s quite hard to find a downside to the iNeed and to be honest, it’s perhaps a little harsh saying it’s not great for sensitive areas such as the neck considering it is designed for the back, the lower back especially. So overall, the Lumbar Massage Pillow is a fantastic product and does exactly what it‘s designed to do. Highly recommended.

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