The Thumper Massager Handheld Percussive Sport Massager Review

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Within the past year I’ve been experiencing some pain and stiffness in my muscles after I worked out.  I’d heard that percussion massagers are a great way to deal with post-workout pain, so I decided to give the Thumper Massager Handheld Percussive Sport Massager a try.  After the first time I used it I was hooked.  The patented percussive technology really worked its way into my muscles, soothing the pain I felt in my shoulders and my back.

The entire device feels solid and the heavy duty DC motor has yet to slow down a bit.  It even has a “True Speed” feedback system that keeps it from stalling at low speeds.   I’ve never experienced anything like it – it’s allowed me to work out longer and feel better afterwards.

The thing I like most about this massager is its compact size.  It’s so easy to throw it in my gym bag before I leave.  It’s also very light, weighing only three pounds.  The small size doesn’t mean it’s lacking in capabilities, though.

There is a variable speed control that you can adjust so it works in a way that feels best for you.  Even the ergonomic handle is designed so anyone can use it comfortably.   The massager comes with an Instructional DVD, making it easy to become familiar with all of its functions.


  • Ergonomic Handle Makes it Easy to Use: Let’s face it – the parts that ache aren’t always the parts that are easiest to get to.  The handle on the Thumper Massager is designed to be easy to hold on to, which allows you to move the massage to where it needs to go.  I’ve had no problem using it to massage my back and neck, which are often the spots I need the massage the most.

  • Variable Speeds: Not everyone likes a massage at the same speed or intensity. The Thumper makes it very easy to switch between massage speeds to find one that works best for you.  I find that a higher speed is great after a workout, while a lower one helps me relax to go to bed.  No matter what you prefer you’ll be able to get the massage you’re looking for.

  • Percussion Massage Goes Deep: The Thumper uses percussion massage to help relax your muscles instead of vibration.  This has given me a deeper massage than what I’ve gotten with other products.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor: There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a massage and having the motor die on you.  I’ve never experienced a problem like that with this massager.  The motor has never stalled on me, no matter what speed I use it as.  Should something go wrong I wouldn’t worry about it, as the machine comes with a two year warranty.


  • Heats Up a Bit: After twenty or thirty minutes of consecutive use the massager does tend to heat up a little bit.  This has never bothered me, though, as I usually like to take a break after that amount of time.

  • Not the Most Forceful Percussion: While the percussion massage the Thumper gives is more than enough to ease my muscles, it’s not the most heavy-duty massager out there. This a massager for home use.  If you’re a professional athlete you might find that it doesn’t quite do the job for you.  However, for the average gym-goer (or just someone who likes a good massage), the percussion is more than enough.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my post-workout comfort after using the Thumper Massager.  Since it’s compact enough to take with me, I can throw it in my gym bag and use it when I need it.  It’s easy to use and the motor won’t quit.  I can’t imagine working out without it!

If you’re looking for a post-gym massage, want to increase your circulation, or reduce any other kind of muscle pain, the Thumper Massager Handheld Percussive Sport Massager has the right size, power, and price to get the job done.

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