Thumper Mini Pro2 Massage Review

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I’m about to make a very bold statement, and that is: the Thumper Mini Pro2 Massager is probably better than a professional massage! Now, that partly depends on personal preference, but seriously, the Thumper is very good.

It has three speed settings, all of which are quite intense so that’s something to bare in mind, but it’s definitely effective. It offers a very deep massage with almost more of a thudding motion, so it’s by no means a gentle experience. But saying that, it’s soothing in it’s own way and relaxing for the very fact it eases any muscle pain.

One thing I especially like about the Thumper Mini over other massage solutions, is that it can be used on your entire body. Many massage cushions and what not are only really designed for your back but this one provides relief for numerous muscles. I’ve used it on my legs, my shoulders and my lower back all with great success.

The unit is quite heavy so I did find it quite difficult to use it on my shoulders for any length of time by myself, and I actually enlisted the help of my wife to apply it to my lower back, so that’s something to think about. You’ll likely need the help of someone else at some point. It’s also obviously on the higher end in terms of cost. This brought with it a lot of expectations but I think it’s fair to say, it lived up to them well. At the end of the day, if a product can provide me with the relief that I’m looking for then it’s likely going to be worth it, no matter what.

Here’s a condensed overview of the Thumper Mini Pro2:


  • Offers a very deep, effective massage
  • Has different speed settings
  • It can be used on muscle pains all over the body
  • Generally very well made


  • Ideally you need someone else to use it for you
  • Quite heavy
  • Quite expensive

As you can see, the Thumper Mini Pro2 Massager definitely does what it’s designed to do. If you want relief from muscle pain as fast as possible, then this is the product for you. I’d say it’s not for the faint hearted, but the fact is, it works. I personally wouldn’t accept anything less now. Highly recommended, with a shadow of a doubt.

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