Wahl Heat Therapy Complete Heated Massage at Home Review

I used to get a weekly massage to help me unwind from work, but lately I’ve been looking to save some money so I switched to the Wahl heath Therapy Complete Heated Massage at Home.  This little guy can give me a massage whenever and wherever I need it without having to make weekly payments.  The reason it works so well is its flexibility: it comes with eight attachments that let me customize my massage.  Two speed settings and two heat settings also let me choose exactly the type of massage I want without any fuss.

At first I wondered what I would do with eight different attachments, but I realized pretty quickly that each one has its own strengths.  For example, the heat attachment helps me when my neck starts to hurt, and the kneading and deep muscle massage attachments loosen up my back and help me relax.  After a stressful day I like to pop in the facial or scalp attachments for a gentle, stimulating massage.  The package also comes with a knuckle and joint attachment, a spot application attachment, and a general body massager.  Add all this customization to an easy to hold ergonomic handle and there’s no ache it hasn’t been able to soothe.


  • Different Heads for Lots of Customization: The biggest perk of the Wahl massager is definitely its ability to be customized.  With all its different attachments and speed and heat settings you can have a completely different massage every night!  No matter what’s bothering you, you’ll be able to customize a massage that works for you perfectly.

  • Strong Vibration: For such a small device I was shocked at how powerful the massage it delivered was. Even my toughest muscle aches were soothed.  If the power felt like too much, it was easy to turn it down to a lower setting.

  • Compact Design: The small size of the Wahl massager makes it very easy to give yourself a massage wherever you need it.  You don’t have to worry about lifting a cumbersome machine and contorting yourself into uncomfortable positions.  It’s easy to manipulate and is not tiresome to use.

  • Different Speed and Heat Settings: Not everyone wants the same amount of pressure in a massage, or the same amount of heat.  The variable speed and heat settings made it easy for me to create the right massage for the moment.  I like the slower speed for the most part, but my husband likes to use the high speed on his legs after a run.  It’s another one of those features that makes customization really simple.


  • Heat Takes a Few Minutes To Warm Up: The heat attachment is one of my favorite features of this massager, but it does take a few minutes to warm up.  This doesn’t bother me too much – I usually just turn it on a few minutes before I want a massage and use the time in between to brush my teeth and wash my face.  Once I’m done the massager is ready!

  • Has a Cord: This massager uses a cord instead of a battery to work.  The cord can sometimes be a bit of nuisance, but only rarely.  The plus side is once I bought the machine I never had to spend any extra money on batteries.

I’m so glad I made the switch from a masseuse to this personal massager.  I’ve saved tons of money so far and I’ve never had a problem getting a massage exactly where I need it.  The eight different attachments and varying speed and heat settings let me easily get the massage I’m looking for.  I love it so much I’m thinking of getting my sister one as a birthday gift.  It seems like there’s nothing this little machine can’t do.

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